30 de enero de 2016

Motorcycle plates from Spain

Updated 27.06.2018

Centralized series (since september 2000)

Normal 2000 series

Normal 2000 series. Plastic plates allowed since 2011

Plastic plate with a slightly different design

Unusual size plate
Unusual size plate

Another, much smaller, plate size,
made upon request for cross bikes

Plate made to fit with the Harley-Davidson frame

1971-2000 series

A = Alicante province.
Duplicate with euroband and without hyphen.

Duplicate (1986 lettering).

AB = Albacete province

AL = Almería province

B = Barcelona province

Optional number plate stuck on front wheel (both sides) -
(see curious oval validation sticker for motorcycles,
issued by the Catalan government)

CR = Ciudad Real province

J = Jaén province

MA = Málaga province

MU = Murcia province

SE = Seville province

T = Tarragona province

V = Valencia province

1900-1971 series

An original metal 1956 plate.
A = Alicante province

An original 1965 plate,
riveted plastic lettering on aluminium background.

The same motorbike´s number plate, but restored

Optional number plates on front wheel (painted or stuck)
and an old validation sticker (municipal tax)

Issued in 1963 (*)

Issued in 1967 (*)

CS = Castellón province. Issued in 1964 (duplicate with 1986 lettering)

J = Jaén province. Issued in 1967 (*)

A original plate from 1964. M = Madrid province

MU = Murcia province. Issued in 1957 (*)

(*) before 1971 original plates used to be made from aluminium, with riveted relief lettering. Thus, these plates are duplicates.

Moped plates

Normal moped plate.
First nationwide moped series since 1998
C = Ciclomotor

Normal moped plate. Plastic plates allowed since 2011

Moped historic plate. H = Historic vehicle

Old moped series.
From 1998 onwards, these plates
began to be replaced by the new centralized series. 
Until then, every municipality issued their plates for small cycles.

29 de enero de 2016

Rare plates

A gallery of distant, rare and unusual plates I meet with.

Updated 12.09.2017


CC = Corps Consulaire; 23 = Ecuador

CD = Corps Diplomatique; 5 = Argentina

CD = Corps Diplomatique; 14 = Colombia

CD = Corps Diplomatique; 75 = Uruguay

OI = Organismos Internacionales (International Organizations).
300 = ? (I promise to find it out)

Temporary plate with old 1986 lettering. P = Temporary (provisional)

MMA = Ministry of Agriculture and Environment
(Ministerio de Medio Ambiente)

Moped and microcar series: hard to see small, horizontal plate format.
C = Moped plate (ciclomotor)

Moped and microcar series: another unusual plate design

Moped and microcar series: a normal moped yellow plate
with an unusual repeated plate, unofficial lettering,
black on white and without the first letter C

Curious lettering design in this plastic plate, never seen before.
Plastic plates allowed since 2011

Historic vehicle with unusual plate style used for temporary
and exportation plates.
H = historic

Historic plate in American size plate

Historic plate in pre 1971 design

1928 car with plate style from the years 1971-1986 in wooden frame
and curious oval small plate indicating the year.
ZA = Zamora province

1929 original plate. SE = Seville province

Normal series 1971-2000. GE = Girona (Gerona);
prior to 1992, GE was the official code, then GI - in Catalan.
Nowadays very few cars conserve the original GE code


BELGIUM: former series temporary plate for international organizations and
foreign military personnel

FRANCE: normal 2009 centralized series.
976 = Mayotte (a French overseas department in the Indian Ocean)

GREAT BRITAIN: personalized plate
GREAT BRITAIN: Normal series 1932-1963

UKRAINE: USSR 1958 normal series.
KX = Kievskaya Oblast'
UKRAINE: USSR 1958 normal series.
ДН = Dniepropetrovskaya Oblast'

Spotted abroad

BELARUS: old traffic police (GAI) plate. 1958 USSR plate series.
БН = Brestkaya Oblast'

ISRAEL: diplomatic plate. 22 = Diplomatic; CC = Corps Consulaire (*)

LATVIA: personalized plate

LATVIA: personalized plate

PALESTINE: taxi plate. 9 = Southern West Bank (Bethlehem); 30 = taxi (*)

(*) = Submitted by Dulce Martínez from Spain

New pics of unusual plates will be added to this post