29 de enero de 2016

Rare plates

A gallery of distant, rare and unusual plates I meet with.

Updated 12.09.2017


CC = Corps Consulaire; 23 = Ecuador

CD = Corps Diplomatique; 5 = Argentina

CD = Corps Diplomatique; 14 = Colombia

CD = Corps Diplomatique; 75 = Uruguay

OI = Organismos Internacionales (International Organizations).
300 = ? (I promise to find it out)

Temporary plate with old 1986 lettering. P = Temporary (provisional)

MMA = Ministry of Agriculture and Environment
(Ministerio de Medio Ambiente)

Moped and microcar series: hard to see small, horizontal plate format.
C = Moped plate (ciclomotor)

Moped and microcar series: another unusual plate design

Moped and microcar series: a normal moped yellow plate
with an unusual repeated plate, unofficial lettering,
black on white and without the first letter C

Curious lettering design in this plastic plate, never seen before.
Plastic plates allowed since 2011

Historic vehicle with unusual plate style used for temporary
and exportation plates.
H = historic

Historic plate in American size plate

Historic plate in pre 1971 design

1928 car with plate style from the years 1971-1986 in wooden frame
and curious oval small plate indicating the year.
ZA = Zamora province

1929 original plate. SE = Seville province

Normal series 1971-2000. GE = Girona (Gerona);
prior to 1992, GE was the official code, then GI - in Catalan.
Nowadays very few cars conserve the original GE code


BELGIUM: former series temporary plate for international organizations and
foreign military personnel

FRANCE: normal 2009 centralized series.
976 = Mayotte (a French overseas department in the Indian Ocean)

GREAT BRITAIN: personalized plate
GREAT BRITAIN: Normal series 1932-1963

UKRAINE: USSR 1958 normal series.
KX = Kievskaya Oblast'
UKRAINE: USSR 1958 normal series.
ДН = Dniepropetrovskaya Oblast'

Spotted abroad

BELARUS: old traffic police (GAI) plate. 1958 USSR plate series.
БН = Brestkaya Oblast'

ISRAEL: diplomatic plate. 22 = Diplomatic; CC = Corps Consulaire (*)

LATVIA: personalized plate

LATVIA: personalized plate

PALESTINE: taxi plate. 9 = Southern West Bank (Bethlehem); 30 = taxi (*)

(*) = Submitted by Dulce Martínez from Spain

New pics of unusual plates will be added to this post

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