30 de enero de 2016

Motorcycle plates from Spain

Updated 27.06.2018

Centralized series (since september 2000)

Normal 2000 series

Normal 2000 series. Plastic plates allowed since 2011

Plastic plate with a slightly different design

Unusual size plate
Unusual size plate

Another, much smaller, plate size,
made upon request for cross bikes

Plate made to fit with the Harley-Davidson frame

1971-2000 series

A = Alicante province.
Duplicate with euroband and without hyphen.

Duplicate (1986 lettering).

AB = Albacete province

AL = Almería province

B = Barcelona province

Optional number plate stuck on front wheel (both sides) -
(see curious oval validation sticker for motorcycles,
issued by the Catalan government)

CR = Ciudad Real province

J = Jaén province

MA = Málaga province

MU = Murcia province

SE = Seville province

T = Tarragona province

V = Valencia province

1900-1971 series

An original metal 1956 plate.
A = Alicante province

An original 1965 plate,
riveted plastic lettering on aluminium background.

The same motorbike´s number plate, but restored

Optional number plates on front wheel (painted or stuck)
and an old validation sticker (municipal tax)

Issued in 1963 (*)

Issued in 1967 (*)

CS = Castellón province. Issued in 1964 (duplicate with 1986 lettering)

J = Jaén province. Issued in 1967 (*)

A original plate from 1964. M = Madrid province

MU = Murcia province. Issued in 1957 (*)

(*) before 1971 original plates used to be made from aluminium, with riveted relief lettering. Thus, these plates are duplicates.

Moped plates

Normal moped plate.
First nationwide moped series since 1998
C = Ciclomotor

Normal moped plate. Plastic plates allowed since 2011

Moped historic plate. H = Historic vehicle

Old moped series.
From 1998 onwards, these plates
began to be replaced by the new centralized series. 
Until then, every municipality issued their plates for small cycles.

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